Terms and Conditions

Refunds will not be given. In the case of a cancelled booking, another booking for an alternative date will be arranged.

The owner accepts no responsibility for personal items during tours or transfers.

Drunken or rude behaviour will not be tolerated and the owner reserves the right to remove anyone from the tour that exhibits this, to the owner’s discretion, and will not be refunded or compensated. This also includes if the passenger/s are refused service at the winery because of intoxication or inappropriate behaviour. No compensation or refunds will be paid.

Any damage by a passenger to the vehicle will incur a repair or cleaning fee as quoted.

Shire to Shoalhaven does not promote binge drinking or drinking to excess. Our tours are for wine tasting and enjoyment.

Shire to Shoalhaven does not hold a liquor licence therefor does not provide alcohol as part of the fee unless included in the price of a set lunch by the winery who is licenced.

In the event of cancellation of a booked hire bus, deposits taken will cover the cancellation fee.